Marina Velez is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher based in Cambridge. UK. Ph.D. research title: Value in the aesthetic field: practice as a catalyst for translation, meaning and worth.Marina is an affiliate at Anglia Ruskin University, Faculty of Arts, Laws and Social Sciences, associate Artist at the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW) Devon, UK. She is also the founder and organiser of Cambridge Sustainability Residency. Co-editor of MILK. publication about art and sustainability. Marina is a life member of the Cambridge Union, University of Cambridge.


Research Gate papers papers


Conferences and Papers

2019, Theorem Conference, Anglia Ruskin University, UK

2018, Camelopard: other knowledges and other values as a form of protecting

non-human animals and their habitat. Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain

2018, Camelopard, Displacements Confeence, Society for Visual Anthropology and Johns Hopkins University, USA 

2018, Social Sculpture: Re-visiting identity through an exploration of memory, perception,

nomadic thinking, belonging and projected values, Nordiskt Sommaruniversitet, Riga, Latvia

2018, Climate Hack intervention, Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge, UK

2017, Cosmology of the Displaced, essay on artist Kai Lossgott, South Africa

2017, Desert, Consciousness, Life, Cognition, paper for Echoes of the Void, Italy

2017, Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research Winter Symposium, Saxnas, Sweden

2016, Festival for the Earth, Venice, Italy

2016, White Wood Forum, Huntly, Scotland, UK

2016, Sensing Practices, Goldsmith University panel, AAG, San Francisco, USA

2016, Cultures and Practices of Belonging: Sustainability across Disciplines Symposium, Cambridge, UK

2015, Nano^Art, Chemistry Department Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK

2015, Clim’art’therapy, Cambridge Festival of Ideas, Global Sustainability Institute, Cambridge, UK

2015, Fine Art Research Unit, Cambridge School of Art, Cambridge, UK

2014, Of the Earth: Art, Photography, Writing and the Environment Conference, Plymouth, UK

2013, Global Sustainability Institute, Sustainability and Art, Cambridge, UK

2012, Visualise, The Limits of Seeing event, Cambridge, UK

2011, The Multilingual Family, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK


Solo Exhibitions

2017, Conversational Placemats, 2017, METAL & WestRaven, Peterborough, UK

2014, Raw::Cooked, Cocido::Crudo, Belalcázar, Spain

2013, The Lab, Cambridge ArtWorks, Cambridge, UK

2012, Wallpaper, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK

2012, Normal, Artspicture House, Cambridge, UK

Bij Den Dom, Art and Design Gallery, Utrecht, The Netherlands 

Pau D'arara, Art Gallery, Sitges, Spain 

Leiden Art Gallery, Leiden, The Netherlands  

Romancero Gitano, Intituto Cervantes, Utrecht, The Netherlands 

Philips Research Lab, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 


Group Exhibitions

2019, Theorem, Ruskin Gallery, UK

2018, Take Me There, Power and Vision: the camera as political technology, Heong Gallery, Cambridge, UK

2018, Climate Hack, Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge, UK

2017, PassPort Brittania, Safehouse 1, London, UK

2017, Dimension Leap, University of Cambridge & Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK

2016, Three Cafes, Balance Network, Cambridge, UK

2016, Experiencing Change-Changing Experience, Brighton, UK

2016, Periferica, Cambridge, UK

2016, Nano^Art, Maxwell Centre, Cambridge, UK

2015, Raw Catalysit, Ruskin Gallery, Cambirdge, UK.

2014, Landfull, Cambridge, UK

2014, Sale, Manifesta 10 parallel, Moscow, Russia

2014, Quid Pro Quo:Negotiating Futures, Cambridge, UK

2014, Demolition, Aid & Abet, Cambridge, UK

2014, Red Hot Green House, e-LLUMINATE Festival, Cambridge, UK

2013, A:L:L Art Language Location, Cambridge, UK

2013, Sale, Cambridge, UK.

2013, Dew Line, King's Street Gallery, Cambridge, UK

2012, 12-12-12, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, UK

2012, The Zeitgeist Open Exhibition, London, UK

2012, La Fragua, Belalcazar, Spain

2012, Text & Context, Cambridge, UK

2012, And'Art, Casablanca, Morocco

2012, Masters, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, UK

2012, Open Call 2012 Cambridge Artworks, UK

2012, The Limits of Seeing, Institute of Astronomy & Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK

2011, The Photographer's Eye, Gatehouse Arts Gallery, Harlow, UK

2011, Chance Encounters, The Parlour Gallery, London, UK

2011, Linen, OUTSIDE:11, Colchester, UK

2011, Niche, 90-92 Regent Street, Cambridge, UK

2011, Changing Spaces, Moving Image Project, Cambridge, UK 

2011, Changing Spaces, Zavvi, Cambridge, UK

2011, A Parallel Vision, St Michael's Church, Cambridge, UK 

2010, Keep Off The Grass, Clare Hall, Cambridge, UK 

2009, Gems, Trumpington Park and Ride, Cambridge, UK 

Instituto Cervantes, Utrecht, The Netherlands 

El Escorial, Exposicion Colectiva, El Escorial, Spain 

Puerta de Toledo, Madrid, Spain

Artistazo, Cordoba, Argentina


Prizes and Awards

Arts Council England Grant, Conversational Placemats, 2016

Selected for The Zeitgeist Open 2012

Open Call 2012, Cambridge ArtWorks, First Prize

Anglia Trust Foundation Scholarship for Residency Programme at La Fragua, Spain, 2012

Supanee Gazeley Prize, 2010

MAMSIE (Studies in the Maternal, London University) Digital Media Competition, 2010



Clare Hall Permanent Collection, Cambridge University, UK

Private collections in Argentina, the Netherlands and the UK



2019, There is No Wealth but Life, Ruskin Gallery, UK

2018, Take Me There, Power and Vision: the camera as political technology, Heong Gallery, Cambridge, UK

2017, Art and Science Exhibition, Society of Spanish Rsearchers in the United Kingdom, London and Cambridge, UK

2016,17,18, Sustainability Art Prize for Cambridge School of Art students 



2017, Creative Retreat, Cambridge School of Art, UK

2016, Festival for the Earth, Venice, Italy

2016, METAL, Peterborough, UK

2013-16, Cambridge Sustainability Residency, UK

2012, La Fragua, Cordoba, Spain

2012, And'Art, Casablanca, Morocco