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Presenting Other Knowledges as Resistance to Monocultures of the Mind paper


Curating World Rivers Day for Water Museums Network, Water Museum of Ireland and Living Waters Museum


Collaboration for 2020 Traces with the Nordic Summer University

Curating the Sustainability Art Prize 2020 


Paper presentation Art at the Periphery: other knowledges and other cognitions as resistance to monocultures of the mind.

Art and the Rural Imagination conference in partnership with Arts University Bournemouth

25 March 2020

ROAR book launch at the 58th Venice Biennale, Pavilion of Ivory Coast, Castello Gallery.

ROAR is a new publication edited by Rosanna Greaves and Marina Velez. This 300 page curated book-work explores how artistic and aesthetic strategies address notions of sustainability. ROAR invited a selection of artists, curators, writers and academics to respond to broad issues around sustainability, such as the Anthropocene, ecology, land and borders, human and non-human relationships, notions of work, energy and time, and the creation and distribution of knowledge.

Published by
Designed by Klara Foldys

Maria Rebceca Ballestra with Camilla Boemio / Fiona Parry / Kai Lossgott / Angelika Boeck and Uli Aigner / Michael Hrebeniak / Lisa Wilkens / Marina Velez / Rosanna Greaves and Tom Greaves / Kelcy Davenport, Nawrast Sabah, Abd Alwahab, Sally Stenton and Sarah Strachan / Stefano Cagol with M.I Franklin, Luba Kuzovnikova, Alessandro Castiglioni and Iara Boubnova.


Presenting Art on the Peryphery paper at Swiss Artistic Research Network


Presnting Sustainability in the Creative Curriculum paper at UAL


Attending Utrecht University Summer School

Posthuman Knowledges with Professor Rosi Braidotti


Presenting a paper and new work at Theorem

Organising and Curating Sustainability Art Prize 2019 exhibition

Ackroyd & Harvey Grass Coat, Extinction Rebellion and School Strike for Climate

Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, April 2019, Cambridge, UK

Presenting paper Camelopard: other knowledges and other values as a form of protecting non-human animals and their habitat.

at Territories that Matter Conference

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, November 2018

Co-curating and showing work at group exhibition Take me There, University of Cambridge

May 2018

Presenting a paper at Displacements conference at the Society for Cultural Anthropology

and Johns Hopkins University

April 2018

Curating Sustainability Art Prize at Anglia Ruskin University

April 2018


Selected for Climate Hack project to take part across Cambridge University Museums

19-21 January 2018


Marina Velez has been invited by Social Soups project to create work in relation to environmental issues.

2018 project and exhibition will take place in Italy.


Completion of Conversational Placemats project celebrated with an exhibition. Peterborough, UK

August 2017


Presenting new work at the group show PassPort Brittania, London, UK.

30th July 2017



Curating the first Art & Science project for the Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kindom.

Shows in London, Cambridge and Manchester:









Collaborating with artist Julie Rossiter and researcher Geoff Morley for Resident Biodiversity

Cambridge, 2017

Curating the Sustainability Art Prize for students at the Cambridge School of Art

March-April 2017


NSU Winter Symposium in Saxnäs, Sweden

Presenting the paper Landing: Exploring cultural heritage and sustainability through art practice.


Wellbeing and Technology, Balance Network, Three Cafes

with Debby Lauder and Davide Natalini

Presenting at the Festival for the Earth Convference at Ca'Foscari University of Venice

with American artist Alan Sonfist and Italian artist Giuseppe La Spada

Arriving at the Venice Lagoon island of La Certosa 

with Alan Sonfist and Clive Adams

Gala dinner at Festival for the Earth Forum and Conference

Festival for the Earth, Venice



Balance Network comissions new work

Three Cafes


Art residency at METAL


Dimension Leap at the Festival of Ideas

October 2016


Experiencing Change-Changing Experience

July-August 2016


Periferica, end of Sustainability Residency group show

30 July 2016


Presenting at White Wood Forum in Deveron Art

26-28 May 2016


Curating SAP (Sustainability Art Prize) for Cambridge School of Art





Showing work at the Maxwell Building opening

April 2016


Sensing Through Things

Presenting a paper at the American Associations of Geopgraphers annual conference in San Francisco

as part of the Goldsmith panel 'Sensing Practices'

March 2016



Cultures and Practices of Belonging Symposium



Presenting at Cambrdige Festival of Ideas, October 2015


Presenting at ClimArtTherapy Conference


Raw Catalyst, Sustainability Residency 2015


Department for Sunshine


















SALE, video at Manifesta 2014, Cambridge and St Petersburg 


23-27 September 2014, 9 Norfolk Street Gallery, Cambridge



Presenting a paper at Walking Art Landscape and Knowledge conferece, Plymouth University



Cocido Crudo

Belalcazar, Spain




MILK. Cambridge Sustainability Residency first publication.

Quid Pro Quo: Negotiating Futures

10-13 April 2014, 9 Norfolk Street Gallery, Cambridge


Event Horizon for Art Language Location

October 17-November 3 2013

Marina's work Event Horizon will be shown at the rails of Great Saint Mary's church for the duration of the project



Art and Sustainability Residency

22-28 April 2013

Organised by Marina Velez and Russell Cuthbert in collaboration with the Global Sustainability Institute and the Cambridge School of Art

Poster image credit Tim Mitchell

Poster image credit Marina Velez

Poster image credit Bettina Furnee


The Zeitgeist Open Exhibition 

17 Nov-1 Dec 2012

Bond House Project Space, London, UK 

About the piece show in the Zeitgeist Open, Marion Michell wrote in a-n Artists Talking (Exposing contemporary visual artists' practice)

I kept returning to Marina Velez’ enigmatic, powerful Lot. Two photographs of a cluttered room taken from slightly different angles are seamlessly joined together, creating a space where a woman sits/stands, wearing a kerchief/curlers on her head, and maybe one moment you think you’re somewhere in the Middle East, but then it’s probably London, or somewhere entirely different? You go close to inspect the objects in the living room/working room for clues - books, plants, shelves, door frames, light switches… - and settle for London knowing full well that you shouldn’t because while you turn away everything shifts again, including the mood. And why do I think it’s a self-portrait (it isn't)?. These are works that kept drawing me in and I wish I could remember them better or live with them for a while - they slowly surrender layers of complexity but hold out on you, always. Ambiguity is at their centre: here the heart beats and brain-cells gyrate.




And'Art 2012

Residency and Group show, Casablanca, Morocco


The Lab

Solo show first prize for Open 2012 at Cambridge Artworks Gallery




Making Art in Context

Published by Anglia Ruskin University


The Limits of Seeing

a collaboration with the Institute of Astronomy, Anglia Ruskin University and Wysing Art Centre, 23 June 2012

Institute of Astronomy, Madingley Road, Cambridge, Programme: 3-5 pm Observatories & Lawn, 5-6.30 pm Auditorium







New exhibition space coordinated by Cambridge School of Art and Cambridge City Council



Exhibition of photographs, sound and video works by Marina Velez

Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University


Studies in the Maternal, BirKbeck University of London


The Multilingual Family and The Multilingual Child



OUTSIDE 11: Artist as an Outsider


A Parallel Vision

This is a musical piece composed and performed by Gala Tellechea Velez and Maurits Roes, curated By Marina Velez

'I have been experimenting with sound through performance which intends to address the different ways in which a piece could be interpreted and how one approaches composition. I usually look for new ways for musicians and composers to make music, while making use of ideas that are not easy to define. For this piece I have invited a fine pianist, Maurits Roes, with whom I am currently collaborating. We play quatre mans and, as Maurits says, when we play together a sort of magic appears, and then we just follow. Between composition and improvisation and beyond. This piece alludes to a parallel reality, a person's memory of a place, someone's vision or a view that is only visible from a sort of timeless world'

Gala Tellechea Velez studies Art Science at the Royal Academy of Art, Royal Conservatory of The Hague and Leiden University.

A Parallel Vision will be performed in the following places:

Saturday 13th November 12.30 - 14 Michaelhouse. St. Michael's Church, Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 1SU

Monday 15 November 11.30  Studio Room Helmore  037, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT


Supanee Gazeley Prize 

Keep Off The Grass

Clare Hall, Cambridge University, 5 February-21 March 2010, Clare Hall, Herschel Road, Cambridge CB3 9AL


Cambridge School of Art Degree Show

Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, 2nd-11th June 2010